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Thank you for visiting us at We do more than just make ridiculously good food. Have a look around and find out what sets us and the foods we make apart. We’re pretty proud of what we do and we hope you’ll join us in our mission to make this world a little safer, a little cleaner, and a little kinder...or at least share a cookie!

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Banana Millet Cookies

Sweet crunch of goodness! Our Banana Millet Cookies start with perfectly ripened bananas from family plantations on the Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu. The bananas are lovingly prepared with millet, a nutritionally loaded grain from the ancient traditions of India. Drizzle wild honey for just the right touch of sweetness, and bake to perfection for that satisfying crunch you always expect from Weleet’s range of snacks.

Honey Dipped Banana

Satisfy your sweet-tooth and get a boost with Weleet’s Honey-Dipped Bananas, the perfect anytime snack! Take the finest bananas, sun-dry them just right, coat them with honey and voila! Bursting with flavour and loaded with good stuff, this is nature’s original energy bar. Just bananas and honey--No filler and absolutely nothing artificial. This is Mother Nature’s way of showing us just how sweet she is!

Crunchy Coconut Chips

Crispy, light, sweet, a treat for every coconut lover! Crunchy Coconut Chips are the best way to enjoy nature’s greatest super-food anytime, anywhere! Throw them on salads, mix them in granola or ice cream, or just snack right out of the bag--these chips are too easy to enjoy you’ll be wondering where they were all your life. And loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, you can treat yourself to wellness!

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For us at Lamicbond, food isn’t just fun, it’s empowering. Food is energy, and good food gives us the energy we need to follow our dreams. Our dream is a healthier world with caring communities and green spaces to play in. Join the mission, click here to find out more about how we are achieving our dreams every day and how we can help you achieve yours!

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